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Susur Lee


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Meet Susur Lee


Chef Susur Lee has captivated critics and guests alike with his distinct culinary fusion of East and West, old and new. Now, several restaurants, cities, and TV appearances later, Susur's accomplishments are matched only by his humility. His excitement towards food is unparalleled and unjaded, and he maintains a hands-on presence at his three restaurants: Lee and Bent in Toronto, and Chinois in Singapore. 

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Run with sons Levi & Kai, and designed by Susur's wife Brenda & partner Karen Gable, Lee's latest restaurant Bent is a true family affair. Even with all the time spent working together, Levi and Kai still make it home for family dinner. Can you blame them?




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"You can’t just say ‘Oh, I love what I do’ and make one dish", Susur asserts. Endless discipline is the name of the game at Chef Lee's restaurants; shared standards for perfection is what brings his team together. There's no 'excuse me' or 'sorry' in the kitchen, just an organic movement that takes the food to its the end result - your plate.


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He's got taste inside and outside of the kitchen. Much like his cooking, Susur's wardrobe packs punches of colourful flavour and intricate details inspired by a fusion of fashions from his travels around the world. Good luck trying to keep up with Susur; the chef is as fast as his shoes look. 



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