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Yael Cohen


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Meet Yael Cohen


Yael was thrown a curveball and she caught it. Almost 4 years ago, Yael Cohen printed the first strikingly explicit t-shirt with the words FUCK CANCER proudly written on the front. Initially as a sentiment towards her mother battling breast cancer, the shirts evoked high fives on the street, as well as a response that resonated within the community. She saw the potential to do something good, and she ran with it. FUCK CANCER was born. If 90% of cancers are curable in Stage 1, why the hell don’t we teach people how to look for them? 

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From their East Vancouver office, the small but powerful F Cancer reaches people affected by cancer all around the world. "I think people cry in this office and laugh in this office more than others."

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The Fuck Cancer Facebook wall brings our community information, advice, and courage. The FC team began putting up submitted photos on the office wall to bring the community's infectious energy into the workplace. 

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